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After I attended a thought provoking and highly inspiring workshop back in 1990, I was in awe!

The feeling associated with attending a fulfilling workshop was gratitude and a sense of relief. Gratitude because I have explored ways to handle a problem in hand. 

Relief because now I know the ways to bring myself out of an existing situation efficiently under the tutelage of a guru or coach and also experienceda Eureka moment. 

It was then that I decided that I too want to become one such coach who could touch lives and help participants experience their Eureka moments.

After one such workshop that I conducted, one of the participants walked up to me and asked- “I wonder what you are to me, you have had a great influence on my life today. I feel so relieved and empowered after the workshop”

There are 2 ways we receive a message in life. 

1. It could be from a person we get inspired by (a saint on the stage)

2. It could also be from a person who always stands by the side and walks hand in hand through life’s experiences, enriching our lives with his own industrial and real time life experiences. (Guide by the side)

Which of these 2 categories does a coach belong to?

A participant’s relationship with a good coach seldom ends with the workshop. A participant-coach relationship goes a long way, much beyond the workshop.

A good coach can be instrumental in shaping/directing somebody’s life because he brings with him immense wisdom derived from his own life experiences. 

Eg, During the COVID19 lock down period, I have also gone through what one experiences in such times of distress.

I too have had multiple breakdowns. My mail server was down, which meant Icouldn’t receive expected emails. My bank net transfer was not working, which meant no sending/receiving money. Unscheduled power cuts, laptop mouse started acting cranky and obstructed work. As if all this were not enough, I had to worry about household routine stuff like cooking, sweeping, moping, shopping for vegetables/provisions. 

But for me, the take away was:######

Ask a person who is fortunate enough to have found a good coach in his/her life and he/she can tell you that a coach is essentially not a ‘saint on the stage’, but ‘a guide by the side’, like a shadow that follows the person everywhere he/she goes!

Go find your coach who can uplift your spirits, sharpen your skills and shape up your life!!