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In our last blog, we discussed how Vidyarti Bhavan had a unique way of preparing masala dosas. They have been the most sought-after restaurant for a long time.

What does it mean for us for us?
It means, if one is unique and distinct, catering to the needs, requirements and wants of others; he or she need not fear being threatened by competition or being redundant. This will give someone the ability to be a non-compete person.
So, to understand it better, let me relate an incident.

While reflecting over this question, I recollected an incident which took place a long time ago. In the past, I was a Senior Applications Engineer in an abrasives and refractories firm. At that point in time we needed artificial diamonds to make abrasives as they were an important part of the process. So, off I went to the villages near Trichy, where there are scores of cottage industries and small handicraft factories. In these villages they make artificial, handcrafted diamonds from zirconia.

To my surprise, I noticed real diamonds are diametrically opposite to artificial diamonds. In artificial diamonds, the smaller they are in size the costlier they are. In real diamonds, the bigger the diamond the costlier it is.

Larger diamonds are rare and scarce as they occur naturally. Smaller artificial diamonds are also rare and scarce because tend to break while being processed and perfected.

What I derived from this experience is, in life; we value that which is rare, unique and distinct. This is true whether it is in terms of economic or monetary value or if it has beauty or is aesthetically pleasing.

This combination of rare, unique and distinct is, that which has economic value or beauty or which people appreciate and would like to acquire, to enhance the quality or stature of their life.

When what we offer is rare, unique and distinct and can be of value to others, we too can be valuable diamonds and an asset in demand. When you become that asset in demand, that rare unique and distinct person who enhances their value to others you have reached the non-compete zone.

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