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I got a clear distinction of this while driving back home at 9:00 p.m. after an 8 hour gruelling workshop on 11th of October 2017. It was raining heavily. The traffic was pretty bad moving at snail pace. At one point I realised traffic is not going to move for the next one and half to two hours. I parked my vehicle in the service lane.  I thought let me take a nap in the car till the traffic eases out.  Went to sleep in the car and got up at 11:30 p.m. I tried to start the car and the car didn’t start as the battery had drained out. I found that I had forgotten to switch off the wiper and for two and half hours it was running with only the battery power.

Now I had to reach home and take rest as I had another 10 hour workshop the next day. I applied the model of E-Series Leadership Coaching ‘What best  can do I. . .’  I pushed the vehicle to start as I could not give enough momentum the car did not start. As a last resort I tried calling my car mechanic Irfan. Fortunately he picked up and said he will come after the rain subsides. He did come as an angel in dark hour at 12:30 a.m. and brought back the car engine to life. I reached home at 1:15 a.m.

This journey to reach my house is equivalent to any journey we take on, with regard to our dreams and aspirations. What may start as a positive and possible goal to achieve may meet with insurmountable challenges and setbacks.  Giving up can be an easy option if we feel the challenges or setback are bigger than our dreams and aspirations. But if we make our dreams and aspirations bigger and an intensely burning desire then we will have the strength and tenacity to overcome any  obstacle on the way.  I had to reach home at any cost so I reached against all odds. So too is our dreams and aspirations if we want it any cost we will make all efforts to accomplish it however imposing the challenge is or however worse the setback is.

Go ahead and achieve your dreams and aspirations by making it bigger than the most imposing challenge or set-back.

For those .. .

What best can I do . . .

What best can I do . .  .

Focus and energy