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The very fact that we are breathing is a testament that we have energy. When there is no energy, there is no life.

I recall an incident where my grandma was bedridden for two years. One day she sat up on her own when she heard about my sister’s marriage which was a highly anticipated event for our family. It was like a miracle.
I reflected; where did she find the energy and how did she do it on her own?

There should be an impetus or reason for this to happen.

During my workshop and coaching, I have found there are some leaders who attend them feeling drained of energy and feeling that lack of drive in life. It may be easy to say cheer up, get back to life, find meaning, but this can only give some solace rather than a solution. What we observed is, we lose energy when we constrict or restrict ourselves.

Our fears, failures, frustrations, setbacks, disappointments, pressure, stress, upsets and losses; limit energy.  Instead of advising someone or giving them a pep talk; it would be useful if we support people to remove these emotional blocks, which will help them replenish, regain, revitalize and re-fire their energy, like a geyser from the bosom of the earth.

We had a leader who participated in our E-Series Leadership Coaching program. A participant felt depleted with energy when he was not able to get work done by a senior person. During the one-week practice break, he could implement the learning from the day one session and came back to the day two session like a man possessed by energy as he was able to find a way to relate with this senior person.

This is one example I have out of the many I could have quote . This indicates that energy depletes in many cases when there is an emotional block which could be due to internal or external block and once the blocks are removed, it shoots like the spring water from the bosom of the earth in the middle of the desert or the flower blossoming from the bud.

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