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Conflicts can be classified into three types: Task, Relationship and Value.

While most conflicts are inevitable, there is always a way out of the conflicts and that is to find and strike that right balance.

I had an interesting conversation with my friend the other day and I would like to share the same here.

My friend expressed that his passion has always been to live in a farm house and pursue farming. While he has already set up a business in place that satisfies the needs of life, his passion always lies in farming and he often finds the lack of interest when it comes to business. 

I found it better to try to resolve the conflict with an example of a fruit and a seed.

A fruit is a product of a tree. It is the result of nurturing and growing a sapling with care and affection into a huge tree that begins to bare fruits which is consumable. 

Whereas a seed can be looked at as something that has a potential to grow into a tree with all the nurturing in place and further produce fruits and that takes considerable amount of time.

Now let’s come back to the problem in hand. Conflict between work and passion.

Here, Work= {business}, Passion= {farming and farmhouse}.

The business in hand can be compared to fruit, and passion to pursue farming and living in a farmhouse to a seed.

A lot of effort has gone into setting up the business and making it sustainable from which the friend is reaping financial benefits. Hence, the fruit.

Farming on the other hand is still in the dream phase at a thought level that requires the friend to put in all the effort and hard work in order to turn it into a reality. Hence, it is the seed.

While you don’t want to disturb the functioning of the thriving business of which you are already reaping benefits, you also want to pursue your passion- farming which will give you great joy.

Paying attention to both aspects at 80:20 ratio will strike the balance and get the best of both!

80% of the effort goes to the fruit –the business

20% of the effort goes to the seed- farming.

My friend was delighted at this solution of striking a balance between needs and dreams with an 80-20 ratio and is now keen on making it work!!

Wish you a balanced and fulfilling life ahead! 🙂