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Anyone with a sane mind (who uses a mobile when required) or an insane (obsessed) user of a mobile the answer to this is obvious. ‘Yes, I do charge my mobile.’ The question is not about the cell phone we use to communicate. It is the mobile which keeps us waking, walking, working and whizzing through our lives – Your body, mind, and spirit.

Are you charging this precious mobile of yours?

This is the mobile, with which we make a living, keep ticking in precious moments, rocking in a graceful period of life, reach the most imposing dreams and reach zenith and purpose of existence.

Our taking for granted, negligence, over-estimation (I can take any load or burden) and overexploitation or ill-utilization makes us keep away from charging the precious mobile of our life.

Make this as your life changing and life-charging battery. Have that bit of desire today. Maybe, take a stroll after reading the log. A stroll, if continued and made into a brisk walk or a jog could help you before life can take its toll.  Ask during the stroll in what you could charge your mobile of life.

Maybe it needs an overhauling like the way I needed when I weighed 86 kilos and reduced ten kilos in 100 days through stringent diet and fitness regime. Perhaps it needs regular mental well-being tonic that sets you free from negative thoughts and emotions, like the book ‘He can, who thinks he can’ helped me and still helps me as I read it and reread it periodically even now.  Maybe, the spirit needs to invigorate by having time for yourself like how Vipassana a ten-day Buddhist meditation in silence, tranquillity, and quietude gave me a fresh breath of life in an otherwise listless life. If ten days is too treacherous, 10 to 20 minutes of private time every day cut off from the world, and of course, the mobile phone would serve in good stead.

A mobile is replaceable, but this mobile is irreplaceable. Take care of it so that it takes good care of you.

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