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Who We Are

Partnering with Organisations
To Achieve Business Goals
Through People

AssuredState Management Consulting and Coaching Organisation was established by two brothers Arjun Raj Urs and Uday Bhaskar. The directors firmly believe people are the core asset of any business, and our motto is to “partner with organisations to achieve business goals through people enablement”.

“AssuredState” is a state of mind that helps to lead life with positivity, certainty and confidence. Dr. Kuhns states “Only a calm, assured state of mind can produce constructive results.”  The directors are of the firm view that among several traits required for leaders and workforce, the most important is to be in an “Assured State of Mind”. Whatever be the circumstances, a leader and an individual contributor who operates from a state of mind which is composed, confident, and certain(decisive), is sure to have clarity of thought, focus on desired goal or objective and execute with relentless pursuit. Such a mind fosters self-belief and conviction and helps the leaders and employees to think objectively, plan and achieve the desired results. A leader and employee in an assured state of mind, proactively responds rather than react to situations and is always in control of his actions and outcomes.

The directors are also of the opinion that it is extremely important for a leader or an employee to operate from an Assured State of mind since the mind power is the greatest asset which a human being can utilise by unleashing the hidden potential. The objective of the company is to groom leaders to operate from an Assured State of mind through various workshops and coaching interventions that enables both personal growth and achieving organisational goals and objectives.


Our Evolution

A brief about the evolution of AssuredState over the years through application and practices partnering with organisations and helping them achieve their business goals.



Desperate times need drastic measures a workshop that can be considered as vaccination for fear, worry and anxiety due to uncertainty and inconvenient times faced by the leaders and individual contributors of the organisation during and post-pandemic


Coached CEOs of AL Technologies, Next Element,  Brainstorm and Urs Kar. To help them to grow and overcome challenges


Carved an innovative new program to help individuals build a legacy rather than living from plan to plan. 50 CxOs and key leaders from various organisations like Synopsis, Fidelity and Ex-Economic Times National editor have derived value from this innovative program


‘Prepare to scale’ coaching for CEO and CTO of manufacturing organisation. Blueprint with practical step  by step way forward to scale great heights 


Rolled out Good to Great initiative at SLK Software for 4 divisions (260 employees across hierarchy) :

  • Transforming iron filings to magnets
  • Transforming stars to constellations      


Took up compliance assignment with a software product organisation where compliance report was 2 months backdated. Could support the organisation to have up-to-date compliance report


Took up a challenging assignment in a software product organisation where quality goals were not achieved for 8 years. All the 14 products got rolled out meeting the quality goals after the nine-month assignment period   


  • Earned Distinguished Toastmaster ( DTM ) the highest educational recognition by Toastmasters
  • Started AssuredState Management Services Pvt Ltd to provide broader solution encompassing Leadership, Strategy and Finance


Coached the CxO level executives of Schneider Electric


Coached a team of 8 chartered accountants including the CFO of the organisation to move the team from the bookkeepers’ attitude to value integrators over a one-year assignment for a  large manufacturing MNC after the merger and acquisition process


  • Certified Axiometric Analyst (Psychometric Profiler)
  • Created a model – Achieving business goals through people and successfully implemented in organisations by coaching key leaders and business owners  


Certified coach of Results Coaching Systems ( RCS ) – affiliated to ICF – International Coaching Federation


Master practitioner of NLP 


  • Underwent 100 days of Training program on various subjects to explore ‘why I behave the way I behave’
  • Designed an integrated approach model “Leading with Head, Heart and Guts”. Is well received over the years across industry and hierarchical level 


Took up a long term assignment with a company as Leadership Coach. Prepared the chosen employees to their future journey as Leaders. The company has continued to avail uninterrupted services for the last 15 years


Became a Leadership Coach apart from being a People Architect


  • In association with a world-renowned consulting firm, McKinsey & Co. developed a robust sales training module to train 10,000 people for Reliance Infocomm
  • Created path-breaking result-oriented methodology ‘Pain-Problem/cause-solution’


Certified TA 101 practitioner and Life script


Started the Journey as a People Architect (building individuals and teams for organisations requirement). Went on to specialise in assignment-based projects

Prior to 1996

Started the career in 1984 and served as an Application Engineer initially and later on as Sr. Application Engineer till 1992. Went to head a refractory division for the South India operation of Orient Abrasives Ltd as Dy. Manager – Application & Marketing. The last work assignment was with a Bangalore based Infrastructure development company as their Vice President – Operations 

2020———————————————————>1996 & Beyond
The Evolution


We have worked with


Leaders and Professionals

What People Say

“Thanks for your training. It was very practical. It gave me the much-needed inputs on how to relate and resolve
Day-to-day issues with the team confidently.”

Prabhu Ram
Project Manager, Hewlett Packard

“During the Practice break, we had our review meeting. The results were extraordinary. The team members were working towards meeting the company objectives, rather than defending themselves and blaming others.”

Executive Director
Leading Diesel Generating Set Manufacturers

“I learnt how to take the initiative and develop my team members, apart from this I feel less stressed and more in control of situations and challenges.”

Murali R
Sr.Delivery Manager, Target Corporation

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