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Case Studies

Building The Leadership Pipeline

The organization had identified 60 leaders and emerging leaders who were key to the future success of the organisation. 

Achieving Business Goals through people

The customer only used to give what they could not resolve or the other vendor could not resolve. hknsvsuficskn,xnvonv,,,j

Building The Leadership Pipeline

The Company had an expansion plan by  adding up a new product line. c ksdudisbvssjdoafhksncnjaksdhuisnfdnvsfiuyfurrfcn

A Leader’s success starts with a leader’s confidence

He had his experience in one technology  for 10 years and was shifted to a different technology project.

Creating Human Assets

Manager’s success was predominantly having one resource on-site who would interface between offshore and on-site. hjkxnvossd

Executive Coaching

Highly competent professional, who was having difficulty in relating to his team members. hivsfeusdfhjknxcsiudfcisncsiud9

“How to stop the exodus?”

He was the 2nd in command. The organisation has a manufacturing base across various locations in India. hcsjndisufycnsmhdiusndkjaoiudikckndjoia 

Employee of the year

Energy block: The coachee had moved to development from testing. hjkfsnfiusedyfhucnxkjfdisuyfhjckxncsjdyfuisjnfskdeufisnvkfsguishnaknaiufisncfkjsnf

"I am a technical person how can I spot opportunities and negotiate with my customer?"

Skill Block: Even though the coachee was going for an onsite visit, the reason was larger than requirement understanding.

Transforming to be among the 20 top performers in the bandwidth

The leader was not promoted to lead a project because of the abrasive behaviour with people.  

Becoming a Leader who listens and understands

Highly competent professional, who was having difficulty in relating to his team members.  adhjanxjzdhjndxzcjzshdjsncxcsizyd

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