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Transforming to be among the 20 top performers in the bandwidth

Leader’s Profile

Project Lead of an off shore software unit of a large retail chain in the U.S.A.

Situation (Pain, Problem, Cause) 

The leader was not promoted to lead a project because of the abrasive behaviour with people.  A new reporting manager of the leader felt this was unfair and took the responsibility of grooming the leader and got the leader a promotion to be a Project Lead. However, the abrasive nature continued and the leader could not retain especially high performers in the team. This affected team’s performance and morale. The leader was given 3 months revival period, during which the leader had to prove his worthiness as a Project Lead or resign from the job. The manager nominated the leader to the High-Performance Leadership workshop.


High-Performance Leadership workshop: During the workshop, the leader got a break-through when the leader discovered the blind spot, especially through the model ‘approach effectiveness and flexibility’. The leader went back and applied other models from the workshop as per the need and context demand.


The leader was retained by his organisation after the leader proved the worthiness as a Project Lead. The leader further went on to become a person who was identified as High Performing Project Lead and also was chosen as 20 top performers in the bandwidth by the L&D team to gain insights into the best practices of top performing leaders.

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