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“How to stop the exodus?”

Leader’s Profile

An Executive Director of a manufacturing organisation

Situation (Pain, Problem, Cause) 

He was the 2nd in command. The organisation has a manufacturing base across various locations in India. It has a market in India, Middle East and Africa. The organisation had seen some turmoil in the recent past. They had to surge against growing competition and retaining the resources as the threat of competitors pouching them loomed largely. The Executive Director was very short-tempered and blew his top without analysing the situation. The employees had tolerated this approach earlier as the company had a monopoly in the market. With the competitors entering the market many of the key employees were deliberating to move on and some had resigned and moved on.


Executive Coaching: The coaching supported the Executive Director to find solution applying the following models –

–  Human dynamics
–  Vital conversation 
–  Initial resistance to willful acceptance ( steps to dialogue )                
–  Resistance to commitment                                                     
–  Focus and Energy model 
–  Characteristics of a leader


  • He was now able to see people, especially employees as someone who need to be respected  rather than looking at them  as someone to be ridiculed and criticised
  • He accepted the limited capabilities in employees and found ways to help them achieve the goals and tasks in their respective roles
  • He started to listen with patience. He started facilitating the discussions rather than flaring up
  • He developed the ability to be calm in crisis thereby was able to think and act rather than react

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