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AssuredState partners with organizations for leadership development to create a positive impact on 





How does AssuredState partner with organizations to address leadership challenges?

Desperate Times Need Drastic Measures


Productivity by Design


Make it Happen – Leadership Programme


Make Bridges – Melt Barriers


How does AssuredState partner with organisations?

Desperate Times Need Drastic Measures



Productivity by Design



‘Make It Happen’ – Leadership Programme



Make Bridges, Melt Barriers – The Breakthrough Communication Workshop

The Journey of AssuredState

40 years of collective experience of the founders, AssuredState Management Services came into existence.  However, ‘AssuredState’ finds its existence from time immemorial paving way to determining growth, success and significant achievement throughout the human history, in walks of life.

The question is, what defines growth, success and significance?

Is it primarily the skills and proficiency?

If so, how come all those who are highly competent, proficient or knowledgeable in their field, have not always been successful or achieved something of significance.

Time and again it is proven, it is not because one has the proficiency, skill or knowledge but because they were in a state of mind which made them be composed, confident and certain (decisive) in challenging and confusing situations, which has acted as a key differentiator.


“A few days back, I attended the workshop organised by Mr. Arjun Raj Urs of AssuredState Management Services Pvt. Ltd. The Topic was DESPERATE TIMES NEED DRASTIC MEASURES. The workshop was an eye-opener for all the Businessmen who attended it at this time of lockdown due to COVID–19 pandemic. Since the lockdown was announced I was in a dilemma that how the business can be taken forward. After attending the powerful workshop conducted by Mr. Arjun Raj Urs, a new world of opportunity was opened to take the business forward. All the blockage in the mind was cleared and I could recreate the leadership ability to take our team to success.

I thank Mr. Arjun Raj Urs for being very supportive and professional in conducting such a powerful workshop at this time of lockdown and creating new ways of opportunities and empowering us to lead without any fear in mind. I have no hesitation in recommending the powerful workshops being conducted by Mr. Arjun Raj Urs to any of our clients or friends.

Thank you once again for all your support.”

Major P Ramachandran (Retd)

CEO, Esteem Security & Allied Services

“How many of us live our lives, by design? This was Arjun’s question, which got me thinking on about various aspects of my life and eventually led me to the Productivity By Design workshop, conducted by Kichu and Arjun. What struck me as soon as I signed up was the thorough process and self-evaluation mechanism that Arjun has developed and perfected over the years. This gave me a clear indication of where I am and what I can expect from the workshop. The workshop itself was an amazing experience, the serene Green Pastures resort in Belur, the amazing weather and ever inspiring Kichu and Arjun. The two days of the workshop allowed me to introspect, gave me a set of wonderful tools to “set and achieve goals by design” and inspired me to set stretched goals. Productivity By Design is one of the most effective workshops that I have attended till date, and I am glad to recommend it to business owners and professionals who aspire to achieve something with higher degree of success in life.”
Raghunandan H V

Director, Bizprout Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd.

“Arjun Raj Urs of AssuredState has been my Guru, business coach and personal Guide. DESPERATE TIMES NEED DRASTIC MEASURES workshop is very apt for every entrepreneur and Organisational leaders, especially during current market conditions. one needs to recall and remember happiest moments in life, Charge up and focus on well being. I strongly recommend “Desperate Times Need Drastic Measures” to all entrepreneurs and Organisational leaders.”
Edward Jeevan

Director, Binary Systems Pvt Ltd.

I joined BNI 10 years back. I was very excited & worried. Excited because I could see a lot of referrals coming my way and worried because if I take orders & Key players in my team leave, then what happens. You will all agree as most of us are proprietors of our business & not a corporate that what will happen to your business if the key person leaves or plans to start his own business. Doesn’t it put you in a state of worry? I expressed my worries to Mr. Arjun Raj Urs of AssuredState (Use time India then), He said, “I know you are busy, but can you spare a day?”. And suggested me to come & attend his leadership workshop. In the workshop, he told that in business, a leader is one who can make his people perform high & commit high. Also, he told that the people who perform high are fearless because he can find another job easily so can be low in commitment. With that keynote from the programme, I was wondering how can I make my high performing people commit high. It took me some time, but over a period of time, I made all of them strategic partners. Today, I can take any project & execute it without any worries, most of my projects get executed without me being there. With the same professionalism as I would have given if I would have stood there. With that confidence now I am scaling up my business to the next league now. And I would like to thank Mr. Arjun Raj Urs for taking me from worrying state to assured state of mind.

We have the first-hand experience of Mr. Arjun’s services. We highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for any kind of coaching or professional advice. This coach has changed my soach

A Mukherjee

CEO, Flora Interior Solutions

“We had approached Mr. Arjun Raj Urs of AssuredState for leadership advice. Arjun had recommended a couple of courses to us. “Productivity By Design” and “Make it Happen – Leadership Coaching Program”. A thorough evaluation was conducted before recommendation of the training to identify the gaps. I was particularly impressed with the professional approach Arjun and his team had demonstrated during the course of pre-programme evaluation and subsequently in the programme. Arjun’s practical leadership skills, tools and guidance were very useful.”
Shravan Gupta

CEO, Enspar Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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