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“Good night and sweet dreams,” is what our loved ones wish us or we wish them when we go to sleep every night. But there are a few nights when, many of us who cannot sleep or get out of sleep during the night. The sleep doesn’t seem to come however much we wish. That’s what happened to me on the 2nd of October, midnight when 3rd October was waiting to break. I slept at 10 p.m., looking forward to waking up at 4 a.m. to hit the gym. Two hours into my sleep I woke up for reasons unknown. Try what may, sleep did not come. I wasn’t disturbed or concerned about the way it happened, like on a few earlier occasions when a family member was not keeping good health.

It was just that I was not getting sleep.

What to do was the question, and the question itself became a source of worry because I had to get up in the morning and go to the gym. This aside, after a long weekend I had loads of work on 3rd of October.

Oh my god!

How am I going to manage?

Suddenly, what I quote in my E-Series Leadership Coaching dawned on me. Readers of my blog and attendees will recall what I state ‘What best can I do . . . ‘

I had two choices, which I nicely express in the Kannada language. Either continue to be in ‘yochane’ (worry) or start ‘alochane’ (thought-provoking thoughts – TPP as I would like to refer in short). You will get to know about TPP in one of the blogs at a later date.

This set me in motion to choose between worrying that I was not getting enough sleep or have Thought-provoking thoughts either through:

  • an external source like reading or listening to inspiring podcasts or watching a meaning Ted talk
  • my internal resource and developing a meaningful and life context oriented thought-provoking thought.

I choose to have a ‘thought-provoking thought’ by penning down my thoughts to reach out to readers of my blog.  

If you by any chance happen to wake up at odd hours when you wish to have a good nights sleep. You will feel unlucky if you get into worry mode. You will feel lucky if you could switch over to Thought provoking thought – TPP.

For those who have been a part of E-Series leadership coaching recall that breakthrough statement ‘what best can I do …’ when you are about to slip into or already slipped into being luckless, make yourself lucky by moving from worry to Thought provoking thought.

The quality of life is dependent on TPT or TPP