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Executive Coaching

“Becoming a leader who listens and understands”

Leader’s Profile

Country Head of an MNC

Situation (Pain, Problem, Cause) 

Highly competent professional, who was having difficulty in relating to his team members.  This was having an impact on team members being demoralised and led to complaints, blame and excuse.


Executive Coaching: The organisation had a coaching assignment to support the leader in becoming adept and having harmonious professional relationships. During the 3 months coaching period the leader was able to develop requisite skills and shift the paradigm the way he perceived about his team members. The following models and structure helped him to overcome the challenges –


–   Take stock

–   When in conflict – Managing self – Managing others

–   Involving others in decision making and problem-solving

–   Challenging team members to grow and develop

–   Getting work done in a non-confronting manner


After 3 months of coaching the MD and HR Head acknowledged that the leader  had better relationship with his team members and this was also backed by the fact that the team members had expressed  that they were being listened to, trusted and being treated with patience and understanding

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