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Employee of the year

Coachee Profile

The coachee was a team leader

Situation (Pain, Problem, Cause) 

Energy block: The coachee had moved to development from testing.  He already had 6 years of experience in testing but he felt that testing may not give the future like that of developing, so he had made this move.  He was in a dilemma whether this was the right move?


Leadership workshop and  1-2-1 counselling: The workshop and the counselling supported him to understand the pros and cons of the move. He realised that he was competing with team members who had a lesser number of years of experience than himself as a professional but greater number of years as developers. This he realised was counterproductive to his growth.
He felt it was better to go back to testing where he had the experience, the expertise and edge over others.

In due course of time, he made this move back to testing.


Coachee – He was able to go back to testing where his strength prevailed. He rose to become a manager who was managing a team of more than 100 resources. A Few years later he was awarded the ’employee of the year’.
Organisation –  The organisation could get a person to work where they wanted him to work and got an asset instead of possible liability.

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