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COVID19 has surelycast a grim situation all around but I can gladly quote an example of how it has helped a person get out of a ‘situation’.

Here you go.

Sometime during the COVID lockdown, a client called me to discuss about his problem. He sounded rather upset.He said that his relationship with his girlfriend which seemed to be going steady all this while had seen a great amount of turbulence of late.

He mentioned that his girlfriend’s father said a firm ‘NO’ to their relationship. But what’s more disappointing was that his girlfriend too had now taken a U-turn and didn’t want to continue the relationship. With COVID19 lockdown in place, he didn’t even have the option of meeting her in person to resolve the issue.

He was feeling very depressed and wanted ways to come out of this and start living life afresh by seeking my help. Here is the conversation that ensued between us that day.

ME: So do you consider me as your coach?

HE: Indeed.

ME: Are you ready to do exactly as I say?

HE: Yes sir.

ME: Alright then, first go to your phone contacts and find your now ex-girlfriend’s phone number, rename her as ‘Corona Virus’.

HE: What!! Sir, I am looking for a solution for myself to come out of this breakdown and here you are suggesting me to rename her as corona on my phone book.

ME: You said you would do exactly as I said!! Go ahead and do it, NOW.

HE: (Grumpily) Alright, now that I have given my word, I will do as you please.

Three days later, he calls me to say that he felt so disgusted to even have something as Corona virus in his phone and his life, he decided to delete the number and the name Corona from his phone, and her, from his life!!

Carrying your past baggage in your head gives you all the dead weight and ties you down. Result: You won’t be able to move ahead in life.The sooner you find a way to drop that past baggage, the quicker you can stride ahead and make the most of your life.