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Building leadership pipeline

Managing Director Resolving conflict with the Technical Director

Leader’s Profile

Managing Director of an organization

Situation (Pain, Problem, Cause) 

The Company had an expansion plan by adding up a new product line. His Technical Director was reluctant and refused point-blank to this plan. The whole project was stalled for a year.


E Series Leadership Coaching: After attending the Day 1, during the practice-break between Day 1 and Day 2 of the workshop he sat for a discussion with the Technical Director and applied the following models learnt during the workshop:

–   Characteristics of a Leader

–   Initial Resistance to Willful Acceptance ( steps to dialogue)

–   Vital Conversation model

–   Resistance to Commitment

After applying these models the Leader was able to get the confidence and the consent of the Technical Director which was vital for this project.


Not only the Technical Director agreed to give his consent to this project but also took the initiative of owning the project. The organisation was immensely benefited from this breakthrough.

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