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I was wading through busy evening traffic in my car, the signal went green. I started accelerating and out of nowhere, a person was right in front of the car. I braked and brought the car to a screeching halt. I was furious and almost exploded like an agitated nuclear reactor at this person. I realised that as an ‘Assured Leadership Coach,’ I need to manage my emotions. The question was, how?

While changing gear from neutral, my attention went to the gear lever and its operation.  I recollected that one needs to return to neutral gear from any gear to shift into another gear.  Neutral in this way becomes the most important of all gears in a car. Without engaging neutral, you cannot shift gear and move forward. Even when coming to a standstill, neutral gear must be engaged.

Likewise, I thought whenever I’m about to snap, become angry, upset, irritated and agitated, instead of exploding like an unstable nuclear reactor, I return to a neutral state -> Reflect -> make a choice -> then shift gear, thereby choosing an appropriate response.

I have practiced this for the last couple of days, and I found it beneficial. I make slight movements of my left hand as though I am changing the gear, giving me that split second to shift myself from a reactive state to come to a neutral state thus calming my nerves.

I would love to hear your perspectives and thoughts on this. Which only will contribute to further my growth and evolution.

Those who have completed our E-Series Leadership Coaching Program can review the following models which would help you to get into a neutral state:

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