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The head of an organization once approached me and asked me to coach his next level leaders by bringing them out of stress and impowering them. I said ‘OK’ and asked him what stress are they going through?

He said ‘I don’t know, you figure it out, you are the coach!!’

I told him, let’s say you walk to a supermarket and ask the vendor to give you the things you need for your house.The next thing the vendor asks you is ‘what things are you looking for?’

A supermarket may have a whole lot of things- soap, sugar, salt, provisions, etc. Most things there may be unnecessary for you on that given day. It may/may not have a few things which you actually need, say, butter.So it important to first know what you want, before you actually go to a coach or a supermarket, isn’t it?

If you want me to help them, then you would do well to first be very clear about what you want from me so that you can get that out of me.

Help me to understand your needs better to help you!

Half of the problem is solved when you are able to define the problem; I as a coach believe, prescription without diagnosis is a crime!